It takes 5 Hours to Make Bamboo Mutton Delicious

While we are not going to make a step by Step Process of making Bamboo Mutton , the Story of its Origin from the Longest Grass (Bamboo) to your Dinner Plates at Jungle View Restaurant is worth writing. 

Its the Customers Friends like you who often get down at Bhubaneswar to Taste the ultimate Bamboo Mutton at JungleView. Many of you Asked why they didn't get the Bamboo Mutton , as and When Ordered .

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The Story of Its Making and the Time , The Efforts , and the Patience it takes to Bring this Delicious Food to your Plate is Worth Mentioning .

Best Bamboo Mutton Food Prepared at Jungle View Restaurant Bhubaneswar

Cooking Bamboo Mutton Organically at Jungle View Bhubaneswar

Organic Haldi Paste for Cooking at Jungle View Restaurant Bhubaneswar

It all Starts in the Early morning , somewhere in the Jungles , In the Bamboo Fileds when the Bamboo Cutters get -set for the Best Quality Bamboos. 

Best Quality means the Bamboos Which will Sustain Long Hours of Fire (approx 4 Hours) without breaking or get burn out. 

The Cutters are Experienced enough to detect best of Bamboos. Since 2009 they are doing this and are perfect observer while choosing and Cutting.

Once the Bamboos are Cut out from the Forest it gets a Day of Dry, and then Cuts into Pieces as required.

Every Day The Masala Pastes were made out of Organic Haldi, Chillies, Jeera, Postak, Dhania, Sorisa , Garlic, Ginger etc.

All the Ingredients with Oil is been Poured into the Fresh Pieces of Pure Khaasi Mutton , with hands and set out to Marionette for 45 Minutes .

In the Mean-time of Marination, The Bamboo Pisces are then washed with Turmeric Paste inside -out, This makes the Bamboo inner side sanitized of any unwanted particles.

Once Marinated All the Mixed-up Mutton _Marsala_Oil are then Put tightly into the Bamboo Pisces, One by One.

The Batch of Bamboo-Mixed Mutton is then put into Mud-ovens specially created for slow cooking. 

It takes nearly 4 to 5 hours for the Bamboo Mutton to be in the Slow Cranked Fire ashes .

Finally the Bamboo Mutton is ready for Serving to the Delight of Customers,

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.Bamboo Mutton Marinates with Masala at Jungle View


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